In the treatment of bone cancer, implants are devices that are used to replace or support injured body parts. Pins, screws, plates, and metal rods are commonly used by surgeons. Plastic, stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic are commonly used. To act as artificial cartilage, metallic implants have a plastic liner. The surgical treatment has recently been transformed by a 3D titanium/plastic implant printing equipment. These machines can print or create an implant that is the same size as the defect.

Who needs implants?

Bone cancer can weaken bones, necessitating the use of orthopaedic implants. Patients with primary bone malignancies may require orthopaedic implants as a result.

Fear of wear and tear

Implants and fake bones seldom break due to wear and tear. In younger individuals, however, the plastic surfaces of bones may wear out and need to be replaced or strengthened.