Treatment of throat cancer depends on the stage of the disease and the patient's general condition to tolerate the treatment.

  1. Treatment of early-stage throat cancer: The treatment of early-stage throat cancer is done by Radical Radiotherapy (Organ preservation) and Surgery. In radiation therapy; high-energy radiation beams are directed at a tumor. There are different types of radiation treatments that are used. in the treatment of throat cancer. Such as:
  • External beam radiation therapy (EBRT): In this; ¬†an external radiation source is focused on the exact site of a tumor, to kill it completely or to shrink the size of the tumor.
  • Brachytherapy: In this, a small amount of radioactive material is inserted near the tumor site, or within the tumor site.
  • Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT): Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) uses imaging techniques such as X-rays or CT scans, alongside regular (external beam) radiotherapy.

2. Treatment of locally advanced throat cancer: Patients with locally advanced disease have to undergo Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation. The chemotherapy; drugs are injected in the veins of the patient that reach all areas of the body using the vascular system and help treat throat cancer.