• This is the earliest stage of colon cancer, and it indicates that the disease has not progressed beyond the mucosa, or the colon's innermost layer.


Treatment is determined by the degree of the cancer and a number of other factors. Surgery is usually the first or main treatment for those who have colon cancer that has not spread, and chemotherapy is given subsequently.

  • Surgery is the only therapy option for stage 0 colon cancer because the cancer is still in its early stages and has not progressed beyond the inner lining of the colon. A local excision and a segmental colectomy are the two types of surgery that are used to treat stage 0 colon cancer.
  • A colonoscope is used to remove the polyp or the region containing the cancer during a local excision operation.
  • A segemental colectomy is an operation that removes a section of the colon. If the tumor is too large to be eliminated with a local excision, this is frequently done.