Following are the methods present to treat this stage of lung cancer

  1. Treatment for NSCLC stage 3A

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy may be used in combination at this point. Treatment options are also determined by the size of the tumour, which lymph nodes the cancer has progressed to, the patient's overall health, and how well the treatment is tolerated.

If the patient is in good health, chemotherapy, which is frequently paired with radiation, is usually the first treatment. If the doctor believes the remaining tumour can be removed and the patient is in good health, surgery is performed. Adjuvant Chemo-radiotherapy is used after surgery in a small number of instances.

2. NSCLC treatment for stage 3B

At stage 3B, the tumour has migrated to lymph nodes near the other lung or in the neck and may have spread to key parts of the chest, making it amenable to removal. Surgery will not be able to entirely eliminate the malignancy at this point. As a result, chemotherapy and radiation are the primary treatment options. This type of treatment is also dependent on the patient's condition; if the patient is in good health, chemotherapy and radiation may even cure the disease; if the patient is not in good health, radiation alone is frequently used.