Why You Should Choose CareShare?

CareShare provides you end-to-end clinically proven cancer care guidance 24*7 throughout your journey


Before the treatment:

  • Understand your test reports and cancer diagnosis
  • Get expert opinion from a panel of world-class oncologists
  • Confidently chose the most suited treatment plan

During the treatment:

  • Manage the side effects instantly through remote monitoring
  • Get a dedicated coach to help you navigate the treatment
  • Get holistic care including nutrition, yoga, and naturopathy

After the treatment:

  • Proactively track your health for any concerning signs
  • Regular screenings for timely interventions
  • Improved healthy lifestyle with a natural approach

Know Our Senior Oncologists

Get expert opinion from experienced doctors coming from top hospitals like AIIMS, TMC, Medanta, Apollo, Manipal to name a few

Dr Divyesh Patel

Haematologist, Haemato-oncologist

Exp 2 years

Dr Govind Babu

Medical Oncologist

Exp 31 years

Dr Akash Umesh Tiwari

Surgical Oncologist

Exp 9 years

Dr Guruprasad Bhat

Medical Oncologist

Exp 15 years

Dr Jatin Bhatia

Senior Radiation Oncologist

Exp 5 years

Dr Mohammad Akheel

Head & Neck Oncosurgeon

Exp 8 years

Dr Mohan Menon

Physical consultation (Direct)

Exp 24 years

Dr Nilesh Chordiya

Senior Surgical Oncologist

Exp 13 years

Dr Amish Dalal

Surgical & Gyancologic Oncologist

Exp 30 years

Dr P Venkata Krishna Reddy

Senior Radiation Oncologist

Exp 6 years

Dr Piyush Kedia


Exp 9 years

Dr Prasenjit Chatterjee

Clinical Oncologist

Exp 21 years

Dr Priyanka Verma

Senior Hemato Oncologist

Exp 7 years

Dr Raghavendra Babu

GI & HPB Surgical Oncologist

Exp 11 years

Dr Ranjith Kumar C S

Consultant hemato-oncologist

Exp 6 years

Dr Sandeep Nayak

Senior Surgical Oncologist

Exp 20 years

Dr Shubha Sinha

Senior Gynecologic Oncologist

Exp 9 years

Dr Amit Jain

Clinical Oncologist

Exp 15 years

Dr Suchitra R

Senior Gynae-Oncologist

Exp 10 years

Dr Namrata Singh


Exp 12 years

Dr Poovamma C.U.

Surgical Oncologist

Exp 12 years

Dr Dr Karan Sehgal

Surgical Oncologist

Exp 4 years

Dr Sachin Kadam

Surgical Oncologist

Exp 12 years

Begin Your Journey To Cancer Free Life Today!


Dedicated coach to help you navigate the journey


Unlimited access to CareShare’s internal oncologists


Unlimited support to understand test results


24*7 real time remote monitoring


Instant symptom management


Personalised nutrition, yoga and mental health support

This is what our warriors have to say!

No Waiting Time

"Whenever my father has any symptoms, I'll just put that in the CareShare app and I will immediately get management instructions. It even automatically gets the consultation done when needed. It has made our lives much simpler.”

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Mandeep Kaur

24/7 Remote Monitoring

"It was late at night around 2 am during lockdown when my mother had stomach pain and vomiting. We just put the symptoms in the app and within 2 minutes, we got in touch with Dr. Paavas who immediately helped us.”

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Puneet Sharma

Empowers the Whole Family

"We came across CareShare through a senior oncologist when my brother got diagnosed with cancer. When we started using it, I wished it existed before. It automatically provides personalized feedback and alerts the doctor if needed”

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Kishan Singh